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    Statistics and Growth of the
    Gym Industry

    In conjunction with Workout magazine, a national trade magazine for the gym industry within the UK, ClubManager provide statistics for gym owners, managers, instructors and suppliers to give an overview of the health of the gym industry.

    September 2015

    Average new members in September

    Average new memberships sold in March
    What this chart shows
    Membership sales are stronger for this time of year than last year.

    Month on month growth since Sep 2014

    Month on month growth since March 2010
    What this chart shows
    This chart shows a month by month comparison of average membership sales over the last twelve months. The light blue line shows a smoothed five month average showing whether membership sales are increasing or decreasing.

    Average member attendance

    Member Attendance

    Average member purchases

    Member Purchases

    What to expect in October

    October is usually a good month for the gym industry. Make sure you track any promotions you are running so you know what works and what doesn't work.

    How these stats are collated
    These monthly statistics are generated using an anonymous set of 40 gyms throughout the UK chosen at random. Each month the same gyms are used to keep the results consistent and accurate. to meet print and publication deadlines months are calculated as the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the current month.