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    ClubManager is a transformative member management system that delivers tons of functionality without complexity. It gives you an unprecedented leap in customer service and a mind-blowing app that provides a rich and rewarding member journey.

    Welcome to ClubManager. Fully powered to take your club to the next level.

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    Works with your existing set-up, no need to purchase expensive hardware.


    Switching is easy and we can painlessly upgrade you from your current system.


    Unlimited members and staff access means you don't have to worry about reaching a limit and no jump in costs.


    ClubManager is award-winning and loved by business owners and their staff all over the World.

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    Free to get started, then one fixed and low-cost monthly fee. No price hikes when you gain new members or add new staff.


    ClubManager is easy to use and quick to set-up meaning you and your staff could be up-and-running by the end of the day.


    Powerful features giving you everything you need to manage your business.


    To get started, you could be up-and-running by the end of the day.


    You'll wonder how you ever managed before.
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    "Fantastic Service & Product."
    Jordan Gill
    5 Stars
    "The updates keep improving, and I can't recommend it enough!"
    Peter Dewbery
    5 Stars
    "I would highly recommend to others!"
    Nicola Rickus
    5 Stars
    "Great system!!"
    David Corfield
    5 Stars
    "Best thing we have purchased and done for our business"
    David Rowe
    5 Stars
    "If you love your business then you need ClubManager"
    Peter Mylonas
    5 Stars
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