Five point walkthrough of your new membership management software:

Easy gym membership management

Easy member management

ClubManager is award-winning and has been designed by an award-winning club owner. This means it's been designed around how gyms actually work not how software companies think you should work.

Our customers enjoy how easy is to use and to learn.

Full range of marketing and member retention tools

Full range of marketing and member retention tools

ClubManager is packed full of proven marketing and retention tools which means that from the get-go our customers begin not only increasing their retention but also increase their overall active member base.

Personalised to your gym

Personalised to your club

ClubManager is currently available in 14 different languages and is personalised to your club. This means that you present a continued, professional and seamless look and feel to your customers.

Complete accounting and member payment reconciliation

Complete accounting and payment management Tools

Our customers love ClubManager simply because of the amount of time it saves them and their staff each and every month on member payment reconciliation, on pinpointing and reducing loss of revenue and on the fact that it reduces their accountant's time and therefore saves them money even further.

Reception screen

Welcoming reception screen

The dual-mode reception screen welcomes members whilst providing personalised messages to them whilst also reducing loss of revenue through invalid memberships and fraud.

But what's more:
  • There's a whole lot more than we can fit on our website so the best thing is to evaluate ClubManager for yourself.
  • ClubManager is one low price, even when you gain more members
  • No additional hardware is required, you can use ClubManager using the computer hardware you already have
  • There's no long-term contract or tie-in
But don't take our word for it:

It takes just five minutes to get it up and running so you can see for yourself whether it's right for your club before you buy. Get started here

Created by a gym owner for gym owners. Read Wayne's story here.

Read our customers' experiences with ClubManager here.

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