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ClubManager delivers an unprecedented leap in member experience with everything needed to grow a successful club. See how

Deliver a great
member experience

Build great relationships. Your awesome new app will wow your members keeping them switched-on, motivated and engaged, boosting your retention and referrals.
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Gain new members and
retain more members

It's time to grow your club. ClubManager is focused on building your sales and referrals, boosting your retention and increasing members' secondary spend.
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Gain more members and retain your members for longer
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Everything. Fully integrated and in one place. Easy payment management, effortless member communication, full compliancy and instant access to what is important at your fingertips.
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Freedom from your computer. Step back while classes, member payments, sales and renewals are taken care of. Let automation give you more time for what is important to you.
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Many, many ways you will save time using ClubManager
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of mind

Super easy to use and effortless to get started. Works across all devices with free training to get you started. Your club can be up-and-running fast, configured to suit you.
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Jordan Gill
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"The updates keep improving, and I can't recommend it enough!"
Peter Dewbery
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"I would highly recommend to others!"
Nicola Rickus
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"Great system!!"
David Corfield
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"Anybody that doesn't use ClubManager is a fool"
Lucy Egan
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"If you love your business then you need ClubManager"
Peter Mylonas
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